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A new website for a new generation of Jaguar.

Jaguar's new global website is fully a fully responsive, interactive, magazine‑style experience - built to provide an engaging user experience - No matter what device you use.

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Jaguar F-Type

Griddl me this…

Griddl is an ultra-lightweight, easy to use, responsive grid system. It was built in response to the requirements of the new Jaguar website, and open-sourced for the community to use and modify as they see fit.

It is currently in use on Jaguar.co.uk as well as a number of other websites, from designer portfolios to communities and enterprise-level corporate websites.

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A griddle... Fun, huh?

Ignition: An SCSS toolkit for responsive websites.

Grids are great for situations where you need (or want?) a rigid, opinionated grid system, but what if you require more flexibility, or you don't want to pollute your markup with presentational classnames?

Ignition aims to fill this gap by providing an SCSS-based toolkit that enables the developer to roll their own grid as they go, using the markup they would anyway, but removing much of the effort. The styling for this page was produced using Ignition, and required writing less than 50% of the css required for a normal responsive page.

Ignition is currently in active development and you can download the latest version, follow the project or contribute via its home on Github.

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A few of the companies I’ve rocked the house for:

I’ve been making websites for upwards of 10 years now and it has been my privilege to work for some of the biggest, most recognisable, brands in the world on my way. The following is a selection of just some of the companies I have been involved with over the past decade.